Landsberg Gardens

Don't forget to play!

Barbara LandsbergComment

Part of what we value as garden designers is the the role that both a garden, and we as designers play in promoting wellness and healing.

We have been working on a great family garden recently and thinking about the importance of 'play'. Play is not only an essential activity for children, but it can be important source of relaxation, healing and stimulation for adults as well.

The act of 'playing' is something which can contribute to one's overall mental and physical wellbeing as well as fostering important relationships with our loved ones.

Of course our gardens can provide the perfect environment and the possibilities are exciting!

Imagine yourself swinging from a lovely rope swing or day bed, sliding into a pool, sitting up on a platform amongst a tree canopy with a picnic or even just playing hide n seek in amongst the foliage.

What kind of other great play things have you dreamt of having in your garden?

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A gorgeous tree house we dreamt up, which is integrated with the family adult space via the slippery dip



The wonderful Heatherwick Spun Chairs we worked into our design for the Uspace courtyard at St Vincents Hospital, Sydney. Uspace is a mental health clinic for young adults. The chairs are alot of fun, naturally encouraging a sense of joy, movements, openness and trust in both patients and staff!