Hidden Festival and our Vaucluse garden design


It is always a moment of faith when the plants go in as small youngsters, trusting that they will grow to the stature and glory that is first envisioned.

It was 18 months ago, that this Vaucluse garden was finished and the design process itself stretched over three years as the house was built and various challenges encountered along the way. The garden was a collaboration with Ian Arkins of Arkins Landscapes.   

It was a real joy to open it up as part of the ‘Hidden’ open garden last weekend, a weekend organised by Australian Open Garden and AILDM enable Sydney-siders to come and look at many private gardens across Sydney.

Special thanks to our very patient and generous clients who took their four children and dog away for the weekend, entrusting the garden to us.

For more information on our garden and on the Hidden Garden Festival, you can visit the website at http://hiddendesignfestival.com/about/

Barbara Landsberg