Nature is but another name for Health


“Nature is but another name for health” is an apt quote we came across here in the studio from Henry David Thoreau as we were studying his work as inspiration for a garden we have been designing recently. 

Even though we are lucky enough to work with gardens and our natural world, we can also get ‘stuck at the office’ and Thoreau’s quote reminded us how big a difference an hour in the garden, a walk in the park or that longer trip away to the country can make to how we feel; especially after a busy working week - and particularly felt at this time of year! 

The constant bombardment of technology and media, busy cities and busy lives result in over stimulation, fatigue and illness. The green spaces of our gardens, parks and countryside are critical in helping us to wind down, soothe the mind by providing quiet places to sit and contemplate, beauty, smells and textures, stillness and, whether you are aware of it or not, an environment that is living and energetic.

Gardening connects us with all those good things – including gently exercising the body and providing an outlet for all our creative impulses. As Gay Search in her book The Healing Garden, writes:

“Gardening works in its own timeframe – nature's timeframe and when you garden you have no choice but to slow down to its pace.”

So whatever time you can get use it to head out into your garden – or take a walk in the fresh air and be in nature a while.  

Barbara Landsberg