Marketing & Office Coordinator

Kate grew up on a small property outside Mudgee in regional NSW. Some of her happiest memories are of days spent playing and working in her parents' largely native garden. The smells, colours, textures and beauty of the native bush have always been extremely important to Kate, playing a particularly restorative role when she needs to escape her small apartment in the city! Kate appreciates that having a natural space to escape to has never been more important as our lives become busier, that connection with nature really does make a difference.

Kate joined Landsberg Gardens at the beginning of 2014, after a 10-year career in television production. She works on a part-time basis, looking after the communication and marketing aspect of the business whilst completing an Advanced Diploma in Illustration and Design.

Some of Kate’s favourite things to do include sketching outside, cooking vegetarian treats and tending her collection of succulents.


Senior Designer & Project Manager

Ben’s respect and appreciation for gardens began with an early fascination with plants as a child, under the guidance of his family at their Sydney home, and has been augmented by travels throughout South America, England and Europe. Ben is fascinated by the way people have interacted with the natural world historically and today, and believes deeply in the ability of plants to transform spaces, bring out emotions and create harmony between the built and natural environment. His view is that no garden is too big or too small; every person has their own unique relationship with a garden and the plants that fill it. 

While studying horticulture at the University of Sydney, Ben managed a retail nursery, developing his knowledge of the industry and passion for working with plants. He studied Landscape Design at Ryde TAFE and for many years ran his own horticulture and landscaping business.

Ben began working with Barbara in 2014. Their shared appreciation for the power of gardens to invigorate and heal has enabled a collaborative energy, and a passion to create spaces tailored to the needs of each client.

Ben’s passion for the natural environment flows into his love of surfing and rock-climbing; he is energised by the outdoors.